Our Dedicated Staff will Meet Your Edmonton Mirror & Glass Needs

As a family-run business, Wholesale Bevel & Edge takes pride in getting to know our customers and meeting your unique needs in a friendly and personalized manner. We invite you to meet the valued members of our team listed below. If you have a question for Gary or any other staff member, please feel free to contact us.

Gary Quaghebeur
Gary is the owner and founder of Wholesale Bevel & Edge with over 30 years of experience in the glass trade. He is the brains and soul of the company. Our head salesman’s talent to attract new clients is bolstered by his vast knowledge and industry skill. Gary is well known for his passion for golf. He adores his family and enjoys world travel.

Bev Quaghebeur
Owner and Accounting Manager, Bev has been managing accounts and running the office for over 25 years. She also has extensive shop experience and in-depth knowledge of glass and glass products. Bev is a passionate reader and a gifted baker. She is famous for her oh-so-delicious cookies, which our employees have the pleasure and privilege to enjoy on a regular basis.

Jen Quaghebeur
Jen’s primary responsibility is our shower department. Knowledgeable and experienced with proven artistic skills, she creates complex designs and executes specialized projects for both wholesale and retail clients. She is also a highly qualified CNC (computer numerical controlled) machine operator. Jen loves photography, travelling and winter sports.

Paul Parsons
Paul is in charge of the operational aspect of our business. He coordinates and organizes all site measurements and installations. He also supervises our production process. Paul’s experience in renovations (over 10 years) and business management (over 15 years) is an added bonus to our company. Paul is a nature lover and enjoys fishing, hunting and camping.

Ken Rae
Ken grew up in the glass business and has over 18 years of experience in the industry with commercial glass services being his forte. He has been a certified journeyman for over 18 years. Ken has been estimating and installing small, medium and large-scale projects for more than 10 years. He enjoys camping and various outdoor activities.

Desi Kircheva
Desi is well versed in all aspects of our business including the order desk, accounts payable and receivable and the daily office routine. Her professional approach, vast administrative and sales experience and positive attitude are highly appreciated by our clients. Desi loves books, history and animals (all of them but cats best).

Our Warehouse Staff
Young and energetic professionals, our guys are efficient, friendly and committed to excellence.

Crazy, The Shop Cat
Last but not least, our rodent control expert Crazy is loved by employees and customers alike. She was rescued as a kitten and contributes to the positive atmosphere we are so proud to offer our clients.